Campari not only aperitif

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Campari not only aperitif now famous bitter from its inventor

Davide Campari

Le Piastre in the province of Pistoia hosts one of the three

fountains made in Italy that supplied drinking water to anyone

Campari Fountain

The first Campari Fountain that we are going to describe will be

the one in the province of Pistoia built by Giuseppe Gronchi

sculptor to advertise the homonymous company

This fountain is the best preserved because it is still composed

with decorative heads and advertising lettering

Fountain in Chiusi della Verna

it dates back to the 1930s again created from the idea of Davide Campari

as an excellent form of advertising

Whoever arrived in Chiusi della Verna could drink from this fountain

Campari not only an aperitif but an Idea

Davide Campari had an idea of having these three fountains built

because he wanted to celebrate the Bitter Campari product and its

business for more tha 70 years.

Furthermore this served to give water to the italian population

which at that time he did not have water in the houses

The Italian population on average engaged in agricultural activity

and not in big industry could benefit from this public service

In Italy we not only these fountains you will find

in Brunate (province of Como) part of a series of about thirty fountains

designed by the same Giusepe Gronchi



it seems that of the Casentino women there were 7 of the them

undertaken the recovery of these works through fundraising

spontaneously and independently