Chianina Successful Meat

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Chianina Successful Meat comes from Val di Chiana

The Tuscany region has Chianina as its meat production today

from this valley which is located between the provinces of Arezzo

and Siena.

Chianina Successful Meat by Animals once used for cultivation

as a driving force.

Cows of Meat PGI

Cows of meat PGI is very ancient breed known at least

fro 2500 years and the Chianina is just one of these breeds

Cows of meat PGI carry a certification that assigns to

the product originating fro the palce of a region of a country

only with quality.

PGI means to Protected Geographical Indication

Better Meat

Chiani meat the better is by female animal because it is

tender is called Scottona and usually it reaches 110 Kilos

while the males 1700 Kilos

The Meat is lean with some fat close to the muscles

They are not well suited to intensive farming because they

have to reach a certain weight for slaughter

They graze grass at the pasture and stay at open air so read here

On this site you will find information and maybe if you want to becom a Butcher

at the TOP I recommend you sign up for their courses.

The Chianina Steak

The Chianina Steak has a beautiful bright red color when cooked rare

gives it a delicious tasty with salt and pepper or maybe a spin of extra virgin olive oil

Cooking on the grill

Where you eat Chianina in Lucca

Where you eat Chianina in Lucca I could recommend two restaurants :

Il Ciancino Lucca vai Sarzanese or l’Angolo Tondo at Piazza Anfiteatro in

the historic centre of Lucca

Enjoy your meal!


Nutritional values

It is considered values and rich in nutritional values because the proteins present

are 20% while the cholesterol values are less than 50 mg for each hg that after

cooking the drop is less than 35% so in this way it will be tender

The ratio between saturated and unsaturated fatty acids is higher

than 1 and it is most digestible meat and less fat