Concept Green Lucca Holidays

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Concept Green Lucca Holidays is our purpose

We have been pursuing this since 2016 at the opening of

B&B Villa Sunrise choosing to add value to the structure

Villa belongins to a family from Lucca dated 1930 mase us think

and pursue over time the idea the Green is good for everyoner

Responsibility and Sustainability

We relied on Deytron for the purchase of the certified Havan Forte

line Ecolabel to use quality toilet paper and napkins

The product has a brown color coming from the use of 100% recycled

cellulose from processing waste of cardboard packaging

Respecting Nature

Respecting nature means giving our contribution and sharing it with


Therefore at your disposal you will find Ecolabel courtesy set with

vegetable soap and vegetal bubble bath

We also use vegetal detergents for cleaning rooms

Let’s not waste the Light

The light yess we can and we use low-consumption lights

indoor and reusing mannequins to make nice bedroom lamps

While for the external lights we have the twilight and therefore

We have thought of water

Water surely the most precious we need for our life on the earth

commodity for life on the our land. From the 2021 season we have made

available to guests in free of charge fresh water dispenser in this way eliminating

100% use of plastic bottles.

Thanks to the company blublublu we are plastic free

Organic jams

They are from local are seasonal or natural jams with 60% fruit without

adding chemical additives.

They have two ingredients : Fruit and suga

In this way we raise the level and always offer you the best.


City-Bike surely there is no shortage of bikes for aware tourists to all disposal by some years

That’s all we’ve done for now but I’m definitely not going to stop there!