Discovering Cured Meat in Lucca

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Discovering Cured Meat in Lucca is good idea

Lucca and its surrounding area include Grafagnana and

middle and upper Serchio Valley

Many o these cured meats are produced in Garfagnana and

Serchio Valley to be marked in food stores in Lucca or Versilia

Discovering cured meat in Lucca is a journey into taste


Biroldo is a sausage prepared and spread throughtout the province of Lucca

In the shape of a loaf about 200 gmade up of fat fragments of consistency

soft spicy and fragrant

Prepared with the spleen blood lungs kidneys heart rinds pork

offal with flavorings such as spics salt pepper cloves

pine nuts sultanas

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Tizzone della Giustiniana

Tizzone della Giustiniana with a particular name produced in the Seravezza

village in the homonymous village and comes in a black color

Sausage made from meat of Landrace pig breed for min 2 weeks to three months

in the cellar

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Mondiola della Garfagnana

Mondiola della Garfagnana soft spiced local salami with strong and

pleasantly consistent taste

The color is bright red because the front part of the pig is used

with spices that give it perfume

After the seasoning they are brushed from molds and floured in the

chestnut flours and spelled


Sopressata is the last sausage I will tell you about

Sausage made up of coarse pieces of compressed meat

Cylindrical shape made from the pig’s head cooked with

flavoring spices

typical italian salumi

Wild boar salami

Wild Boar salami perhaps the best known by lovers of cured meats

is a product made with an ancient recipe

It makes it the flagship of the entire national panorama

made famous by the Tuscany region

The wild boar salami is made with pork and

the rougher wild boar meat