Elisa Bonaparte: Madame from Lucca

Elisa Bonaparte la Madame from Lucca nicknamed by the subjects people of the city

Her brother Napoleon I named her Princess of Lucca and Piombino

He married Felice Baciocchi against the wishes of the Brother Napoleon I

Together with her husband however who was in charge of administering the Grand Duchy

militarily gave prestige to the whole territory

Madame had a strong and powerful following characters and she became Grand Duchess of Tuscany

She made important changes from the Urban point of view by proposing important furnishing works

urban planning

The Public Palace becomes a palace with facad overlooking the homonymous Piazza Napoleone

Widening of the Streets and the new Porta Elisa that connected the city to Florence is opened

Works along Serchio River with swamp land reclamation

She built a road connected Massa to Carrara and the Palazzo Ducale of Massa wanted by her

Elisa Bonaparte La Madame from Lucca