Guinigi Family : Merchant Bankers of Lucca


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Powerful and rich Guinigi Family of Merchant and bankers of Lucca also played an important political role in the history of the city

The Family was already a power with interests related to banks and business

The Guinigi properties consisted of mansions and villas in the countryside surrounding Lucca during the period

of the Lordship from 1400 to 1430

In the city they menage to get the better of the Forteguerri family by prevailing after an armed clash with Francesco Guinigi

Lazzaro Guinigi one of the sons took control after the Father Francesco

Later he was assasinated and therefore his brother Paolo Guinigi became Lor of Lucca until the restoration of the Republic of Lucca
Paolo Guingi was a good patron crreating important public works for the fortificartion of the city and works of art to enrich the city
He enhanced the marketing of Carrara marble silk production and banking

Guinigi Family

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