His Excellency Tessiture Artistiche Lucchesi

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His Excellency Tessiture Artistiche Lucchesi

It is almost impossibile to rebuild the history of His excellency Tessiture Artistiche Lucchesi

It existed in XII century in Lucca it seems there were already and in considerable number looms

that worked to supply the nerchants  silk clothes destined for the great French and Nothern European fairs

Their number then gradually increased until reaching unthinkable heights at the end of the 13th century

Silk from Lucca was refined and quality

Companies of merchants made it knwn and appreciated in Italy France England germany Flanders and later Poland

The fabric ranged from damasks to velvets and brocades are preserved in the church and places in the courts

of the princes at the Lyon Silk Museum

The Tessiture Artistiche Lucchesi have had the merit of having rovered the textile activity that they had made economically

indipendent Lucca with its owner Luisa Raffaelli