I’m talking about Pesciatina Switzerland

Svizzera Pesciatina

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I’m talking about Pesciatina Switzerland

Today as a topic I am talking about Switzerland Pesciatina an area of Tuscany about 3 km north of Pescia

Looking for a place to take long walks in the cool I recommend the Pesciatina Switzerland for the area

which includes 10 characteristic villages called the 10 Castella della valleriana

The area is mainly mountainous and it seems that the Genevan Jean Charles LĂ©onard Simonade de Sismondi

he recognized in this area the same panoramic view of his country of origin Switzerland

Suitable for those who wants to walk in the green discover new territories where there are few people and enjoy views with silence

because they were all places of sighting or defense of the valley

Gastronomic note: Sorana is one of the ten villages where the Bean from Sorana of excellent quality is produced

Switzerland Pesciatina