Lucca Alley of happiness

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Lucca Alley of happiness is called in this way because….

A legend involves the Alley of happiness in Lucca.

It is a crossroads of alleys and there seems to be a legend of Lucca that tells us about this alley.

During the plague in Lucca it appears that the wagon carrying the people passed through via S. Andrea several times a day.

A rich Lord of Lucca prayed that he would not die and promised that he would marry and have children following a regular life.

The rich Lord ended the plague on the day of his first child’s baptism He heard a Voice tell him to follow him to see what faith can do.

Suddenly an L-shaped alley opened up where the voice repeated that happiness is a very short alley but if you lose hope you lose even this little salvation.

If you come to Lucca and find yourself in the Alley of Happiness, keep this legend in mind as the way to happiness is made up of a thousand insignificant streets.

If you are in Alley of happiness, the advice is also to visit the Guinigi Tower and the Church of S Anastasio