Lucca Comics Games 2024

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Lucca Comics Games 2024 from October 30 to November 3 promises 5 fantastic days in Lucca

The 2024 edition a festival dedicated to comics cosplayers cinema and animation and not forgetting video games will take place in Lucca spreading activities throughout the historic center of the city

Entertainment and why not culture are guaranteed for those attending for the first time

The fair born in the distant 1966 as the International Comics Salon and since 1993 known as Lucca Comics and from 1995 as Lucca Comics and Games owes its exiztence to the proposal of Rinaldo Traini to whom we extend our thanks.”

What It offers

Lucca Comics

It provides various areas where you can access what might be interesting

Lucca Comics is the historic area dedicated to intenrational comics and animation

It primarily unfolds in the squares of the hisotric center

Comic Artist Area,

It was added in 2013 gives artist the opportunity to meet the audience directly

Lucca Games

An area dedicated to gaming fantasy and science fiction role-playing games

Lucca Junior

An area for youngest attendees and schools. Each edition features a competition for aspiring comic artists and young illustrators

Lucca Music and Cosplay

Located at the Baluardo San Paolino the most spacous area where concerts are held including an invitation to sing with Cristina d’Avena. In addition the cosplay competition takes palce here

Japan Palace or Japan Town

An area created in 2007 dedicated to the japanese world featuring animation video games traditional crafts and food

Lucca Movie

An area dedicated to the cinema created 2011

It presents preview and premieres of films in thje Italian language that will be released in the fgollowing months


These are individuals who dress up in costumes of charachters from comics fantasy movies and participate in events like parades along the fair’ s streets or competitions such as the one organized by the Flashgordon association

Lucca Comics Games 2024

Lucca Comics is the most important comic fair in Europe second only to the global edition held in Japan called Comiket

Edition 2024