Lucca : Teatro del Giglio

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Lucca Teatro del Giglio : the city of medieval walls and also the homne to fascinating theaters that have shaped the cultural fabric of the region

Teatro del Giglio is the hisotric theater of the city located in Piazza del Giglio. It was built in honor of the Bourbon

dynasty whose coat of arms apeears with three golden lilies which is why was named.

Constructed in the 16th cebtury as a public theater on January 14, 1675, the structure was inaugurated with the staging of two waorks : Attila in Capua and Seiano

In 1692 after a disastrous fire it was rebuilt and enriched with numerous frescoes on the ceiling and a new stage

designed by Barbato Silvano

Between 1817 and 1819 a new structure was rebuilt under the direction of Engineer Nottolini and Architect Lazzarini

In 1831 the theater hosted the staging of Guglielmo Tell with director Niccolò Paganini

In 1911 it was restored again before being closed due to the outbreak of the world War and used as a venue for fascist rallies or military storage

Currently, Teatro del Giglio hosts concerts theatrical performances dance shows and lyrical music throughout the year

Lucca : Teatro del Giglio is a gem for the city of culture that has shaped the cultural fabric of the city and the entire province

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