Lucca wine tasting course

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Lucca wine tasting course is one of the experiences proposed that

it will start in a few days


Location at B&B Villa Sunrise Lucca via di Vicopelago e di Pozzuolo 403

Who offers the course

Morris Lazzoni Sommelier or rather in love with wine

Well if you want then he also has a blog that talks about him and

more about wine by title :



The course starts on March 1st and ends on April 5th 2023

It takes place over 6 evenings of 2 hours each and with a total of 25

wines for tasting

For the programme costs dates just click here :

Course information

Lucca wine tasting course is suitable for anyone with a theorical part complited 

from a practical tasting session mini-dinner gift dinner-wine pairing

The context will be cheerful fun and spoantaneous

Wine tasting Lucca Course


The program of the tasting course begins as the wine is born that is form the wineyard to the

vinification in the cellar up to the bottle

You will taste white red wine and bubbles until you get to tie a dish to a wine

The number of participants is modest so that it can be a group where everyone participates

and feel involved

Morrsi lazzoni is a person available for all your question I leave you his contanct details

PH : +39 347 7529061


I f you want to start being passionate about wine we are waiting for you at the

B&B Villa Sunrise Lucca

This is the link where you can buy the wine tasting course :