Maddalena Trenta her Story

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Maddalena Trenta : her story begins in Lucca as a noblewoman

which she was loved by Frederick IV of Denmark

Their love was impossible love story

Her family hosted Frederick IV of Denmark for a while

who fell in love with her

Since he was Lutheran and she was a Catholic there was no place for

them chance to become wife and husband for life

So the prince charming one day was forced to return to the cold lands

of Nothern Europe promising himself one day to return to his love

in Italy

Maddalena Trenta took her vows and entered a defendant in Florence as a

nun cloister

Federico IV got married but after 11 years returning to Italy he wanted to meet

his beloved one again and he did stir all that

He did the impossible until they met but unfortunateky theirs was a goodbye forever

He did not convert to Catholicism and she did not dissolve her vows

Maddalena Trenta