Moon in Lucca city. Virtual Tour Experience

Moon Lucca city

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Moon in Lucca city. Virtual Tour Experience

Starting from 11th September where the Moon in Lucca city can be reached through theĀ  Virtual Tour

The experience will allow you to be equipped with Oculos viewers

for virtual reality to take you back to 1969 at the time of the moon landing

You will be accompanied by an actor who will illustrate the conquests of man in space

by telling the story of Lucca and the history of space world

The introducing part will be accompanied by th Lucchese Music Association with live music to make your trip

The virtual Trip tour dates will be in September 2020 : 11 12 17 18 19 20 25 26 27 in October 2020 : 1 2 3 4

Moon in Lucca. Virtual Tour Experience