Oratory Of the Guardian Angels. Jewel in Lucca

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Oratory Of the Guardian Angels. Jewel in Lucca

A Jewel in Lucca unknown to many and therefore I suggest the Oratory of the Guardian Angels

It is located in Lucca in Via dell’Angelo Custode n.30 for your next visit in october.

The preciousness of this work makes it only object to visit in the hisotric centre of our city

and after three years of restoration shines in its total beauty as a completed architectual work

in thje mid-seventeenth century exaclty in 1638 by Vincenzo Paoli. The masterpiece of the Lucca

baroque is open today nto the eyes of those who want to visit it on weekends only by booking with

Tursilucca at 19…20….21 H till 30th october every friday.

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