Richest families of Lucca

famiglie ricche lucchesi

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Richest families of Lucca are more but but I will mention only a few of them

The most important were Mansi: perhaps origins from Mainz Germany

The family owned or rather had the monopoly of the minting of the Mint of Lucca

which has been minting money since the times of the Lombards

They were also always in the foreground in the economy of the city thanks to trade

of silk

Richest families of Lucca show us the Bernardini family, skilled markets on French territory

and participation in the first crusade. In the Vicopelago area you will find the Villa Bernardini

Busdraghi family economic operators bankers and notaries including Vincenzo Busdraghi first

printer and founder of the Lucca paper mill

Family Sardi very rich but also published for charity acquired by the Arnolfini family

a palace making it elegant and famous called Palazzo Sardi which stood between via San Paolino and


The Guinigi family perhaps the most powerful with strong political power. Skilled traders and bankers.

Paolo Guinigi powerful lord of Lucca gave way to the fortification of the city with various works and

he became Lord of Lucca on 21 November 1400.

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