Rovelline Lucchesi on table

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Rovelline Lucchesi on table typical dish of Lucca

Simple both in the ingredients both in the preparation

Someone calls them grandma’s dish good to die juicy of meat

Where to start

Simple to start with the meat

It must be good tneder if you have a trusted butcher

otherwise in Lucca here you will find the list why in

Lucca the meat must be good

Tuscan Butchers Lucca


4 slices of beef

garlic sage

peeled tomatoes

Rosemary oregano capers

1 egg with breadcrumbs

salt and pepper

Sauté the sage and rosemary garlic in the oil when it 

startsto brown add the tomatoes

For about 20 min Prepare a small pan and put the veal slices passing

them first in the egg and bredcrumbs, dry them from the oil and put them in the fragrant sauce

Before serving sprinkle the meat int he sauce with capers and oregano

Serve hot. Usually it is a winter recipe so maybe to drink with a montecarlo red

Recipe from Lucca


The story goes that the families of Lucca used to prepare this dish as a dish Sunday 

at noon

On Sundays when a few slices remained it was put in the sauce  as a dish of recovery in the evening

Tuscan reused cuisine

Tuscan reused cuisine both boiled meat and plenty of onion or reused

slices of fried or meatballs too

Bread is also often added to Panzanella or Ribollita

Meat is sure the most reused product inb many recipes

Tuscan dishes prepared with leftovers

Often they are perhaps tastier and tastier of Tuscan chefs know

how make leftovers and good dish for all palates



Rovelline Lucchesi on table