Textile art is Tradition

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Textile art is tradition at Prato Textile Museum

Cultural pole dedicated to fabrics and its production

in time

The textile pole of Prato has its roots since the Middle Ages

because the territory surrounding houses factories for the processing

of woolen cloth

However spinning weaving and dyeing developed around this process

the sale

In the 19th century Prato became a point of reference for the production

due to the industrial revolution

Today the production is focused on the specialization of certail fabrics

given the development of other realities and the introduction of other types

of fabric

Prato become above all since the 80s a model of industrial reality

Birth of the Museum

The Birth of the Museum dates back of 1975 opened at the Industrial Technical

Insitute Tullio Buzzi textile from a first collection of collected historical textile


Over time collection has always been enriched

The Mission

The Museum’s mission is to preserve enhance and increase as well as

always acquisre new fabrics and create a value until it becomes over time

a meeting place between cultures to create interest in tourism as well as

studies and research

The Collections

Belonging to different eras and various origins the collections present are :

Hisotrical Fabrics

Corporate samples

Artisti sketches and fabrics

Contemporary fabrics

There are also machinery for the production of sketch illustrations

of fashion garments dresses

Textile art is Tradition

The Textile Museum is located in Prato via Puccetti 3 and ticket 10 €

for the entrance times visit the website indicated above.

Textile art is tradition