The beauty Lucca’s fountains

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The beauty Lucca’s fountains amidst history and architecture. I’ ll take you to discover the city’s fountains

Lucca overlooking Tuscany with its timeless charm is a city rich in water where the water element dances in its


Every square and every corner tell a unique story underlined by the melodious song of flowing water

Nottolini Aqueduct

Designed by the homonymous Italian architect and engineer it carried and still carries water from the Pisan Mountains from Guamo a small town near Lucca through this acqueduct

It came from the Roman aqueducts which brought water to urban centers by exploiting the slope

The water supplies all the fountains in the historic center up to Piazza Antelminelli where we find the fountain with the statue of Pupporona

The first Fountain

It was built in the city was near the Botanical Garden. A large tank was built near the nuresry which also collected many species of aquatic plants.

Via dei Fossi

Perhaps the most characteristic street of the city Lucca in the center is the most built in 1376 with the aim of defending the city following the route of the Walls via dei Fossi is located near Porta San Gervasio and protasio

Via dei Fossi

Fountain in Piazza Antelminelli

The beauty Lucca’s fountains Piazza Antelminelli derives from the Quai family who had their homes in the aforementioned square and which were demolished to make room for the foutain

Built in marble in a circular shape surrounded by columns the water comes from Nottolini aqueduct

The beauty Lucca’s foutains are not just decorative elements but evidence of a profound relationship between the city and water.

They tell stories of daily life celebration and moments of contemplation that take place within the medieval walls.