The History Thermals Bagni di Lucca

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The History Thermals Bagni di Lucca date back to the Triumvirate era

Certainly, a long time ago there is talk of 56 BC. when Cesare Pompeo

Crassus after the partition of the world spent relaxing days at the spa

With the Countess Matilde di Canossa who gave the order to build the Ponte della

Magdalene to be able to give pilgrims to travelers who were going to Rome for

the via francigena to stop and refresh yourself at the Terme di Bagni di Lucca

The History Thermals Bagni di Lucca leads them to be known for their curative fame

of its waters throughout Europe.

The water was used as a “gift” and sent to European courts or purchased

History is enriched thanks to Elisa Buonaparte Baciocchi

which modernizes expands and advertises the resort and its benefits across europe

Thanks to her, many hotels will be built and international guests will arrive

Unfortunately, during the two wars the houses and hotels were transformed into factories and


Today, however, we find hotels for those who choose this destination in the name of relaxation

as did Dante Puccini Carducci Shelly Byron Mascagni taking advantage of the bonus

or certainly excellent offers