The oldest mint in Europe: Mint of Lucca

M int of Lucca Papal Medals

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The oldest mint in Europe: Mint of Lucca

The Mint of Lucca starting to mint coins  from 650 until 1843

It is the oldest mint in Europe because Lucca was a republic and minted coins with  the last coin of Two Lire in 1843 under Carlo Ludovico di Borbone

The Mint opened 12 centuries had been designated for the minting of coins and produced 2,000 coin types

Today we have a Foundation that takes care of it with its headquartes in the Casermetta

of San Donato on the Urban Walls where we have a small museum with the aim of conserving and reconstructing

the historical heritage of the Lucca Mint and exhibit not only coins but also

papal medals

The visit to th Mint Museum is possible with a ticket of 6 eu or 4 eu reduced for history  and numismatic enthusiast

Mint of Lucca