The Port of San Concordio Lucca

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The Port of San Concordio in Lucca really existed.

It was located in Lucca and as an ancient river port it was used

for bring the goods to the city

It was located close to the Porta San Pietro and allowed access to the city

food and other goods that arrived from the sea

It was connected with the Arno with the Lake of Bientina and with Ozzero-Rogio channels

and Fosso della Formica

In particular it became important of the blocks for the construction of the walls

In 1848, however, its importance waned becasue the faster railway network developed further

and was minimally reused during World War II

During the excavations of the gas meters, the structure of the port and the dock were found

almost perfectly preserved as well as Etruscan and Roman finds

Ancient river Port