Traditional Sweets of Lucca

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Traditional sweets of Lucca can not only whet your blood sugar

but also your curiosity in tasting them if you come in Lucca

I recommend you to taste them and also where to buy them

Buccellato of Lucca

Buccellato of Lucca is a delicacy of this city

The Traditional Sweets of Lucca Buccellato is perhaps the oldest

Because it seems that at the time of the Romans like bread for the

soldiers in the shape of donut

Citizens says ” Who comes in Lucca and doesn ‘ t eat Buccellato

it is as if it had never been there”

Forno Taddeucci here you can buy it in Piazza San Michele


Befanini what are they?

Befanini are simple let’s say they are simple cookies made of shortcrust

pastry they are prepared during the post-Christmas holidays in particular for

the Epiphany

They are enriched with small drops of colored sugar

However every family has their own recipe to try preparing them at home

Here you can try the recipe :

Befanini from Lucca recipe

The shapes can be different in the shape of animals flakes wheels or in shape of

Befana Christmas Christmas Tree or Reindeer

Cake with Becchi Tradition

Tradition brings Torta dei becchi as a typical recipe of the town

her birth is due to santa Zita who thanks to a miracle dedicated to her on April 27th

She is celebrated and this sweet made with chard is produced in the bakeries

It is like pie with vegetables with the edge made like a beak but in a body of

shortcrust pastry

Santa Zita has become the protector of bakers and housewives in Lucca