Typical Amaro Lucca Massagli

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Typical Amaro Lucca Massagli or China Massagli

Liqueur Typical produced in Lucca by the ancient Massagli

Pharmacy in Piazza San Michele Lucca

Typical Amaro Lucca Massagli is present in the city since 1865


Doctor Pasquale4 Massagli the ancient owner of the homonymous

pharmacy took care of the preparation during an epidemic

of malaria which spread in the eighteen century

China Massagli in the pharmacopoeia

China Massagli is in the pharmacopoeia for its therapeutic properties

The pharmacopoeia is a pharmaceutical code that Pasquale Massagli used

for the quality control of this liqueur


Its preparation foresees the maceration of roots and herbs according to

the recipe aromatic such as cinnamon nutmeg and cloves pure alcohol

decalcified water a little bit sugar

It must be left at least an hour to then filter it and have the desired density

There is presence of cinchona or Chinchona Officinalis a plant that comes

from andes from which quinine is obtained

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Massagli Liqueur

Massagli Liqueur is dark amber in color and with a bitter herbal taste

it has power over the digestive system and was also tasted as an aperitif

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The Tradition

Tradition has it that the internationally renowed actors who gave the plays to the

Theatre Del Giglio stopped in the pharmacy to taste the liqueur

Biadina Massagli

Then arrive the Biadina Massagli!

it seems that a rope maker from Lucca named Tista invented to mix the Liquore

with other products by adding pine nuts in the glass

the drink was named Biadina Massagli and the rope maker of Piazza San MicheleĀ 

opened his liqueur shop after a great success.

It is one of the strongest memories that are linked to the flavors of their

land of origin by immigrants when they bring with them a bottle of

Amaro Massagli