Walking around the Romanesque churches

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Walking around the Romanesque Churches is a tip for tuscany lovers

What are the parish churches? Eneded the period of the Roman state organization so that the territory

was controlled the parishes were created

They are minor churches organized ecclesiastically but which carry out civil and administratives

functions as were the Roman municipalities

Tuscany and therefore also the province of Lucca is rich in parish churches and the characteristic

that they have in common are small stone churches with taller bell ower perhaps far from the

central body.

The Romanesque churches in the province of Lucca are linked to the Irish Monk Bishop Frediano

located in the territory of the homonymous province

I’ll show you some of them and then in other posts maybe I’LL tell you about them : SS: Martino and Giovanni in Montuolo S. Giovanni in Arliano S, Maria Loppia (Barga)