Wild Boar Tuscany excellence

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Wild Boar Tuscany excellence is one of the most authentic dishes

in the restaurants of Lucca

Wild Boar Tuscany excellence can also be found in Florence

in a statue next to Loggia del Mercato in the historic center of the city

Dishes Pig or Wild Boar

Do we have wild boar Tuscany excellence in our dishes?

Otherwise Tuscany and its territory favors breeding

growth also often exaggerated

So what are the three main recipes used in Tuscany for wild boar:

Pappardelle with wild boar

Wild Boar meat stew with wine

Wild Boar in white

Three recipes Wild boar


Presence of wild board in Tuscany

where can we find the wild boar in Tuscany?

Especially in the Tuscan Archipelago in the San Rossore Park or in the Maremma country

Maremman Wild Boar

Animals are robust ancestor of domestic pigs. They like water fruit the sprouts

the brushwood the acorns

Often object of hunting trips, it lives in the dense scrub but sometimes goes downhill

in the villages and approache houses or the roads

Omnivore prefers to move at night or at dusk


Where to eat wild boar in Lucca

Where to eat wild boar in Lucca is the first question you will ask yourself

when you come to visit us and I would say to indicate at least three restaurants:

From Rosolo

Osteria Baralla

Osteria del Bastian Contrario

Wild boar salami

What about Wild Boar Salami?

yes it is Salami is tradition an excellent appetizer to be eaten raw

and to be enjoyed like a snack