Courtyards of Lucca History

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Courtyards of Lucca History developped above all in the historic center of the city

The Lucchesi have even been skilled traders and businessman.

They wish to boosted the economy creating in several points of the city areas or courtyards

to sell buy exchange products such as eggs or skin and fish.

Courtyards of Lucca History with this new concept borned “Corte delle Uova ” Corte del pesce”

“Corte del Pellame

Borned the Courtyards Lucchese and formed by an architectural and residential point of

view buildings as the towers with sometime with five floors closed by four

walls with in the center a well used by single family

The Courtyard had part on ground floor it was usually arched

and here the sale of the products or the artisan shop

The Courtyards have been closed in the evening and the had balconies loggias

windows buckets

Courtyards Lucchesi