Cutigliano Village of Blueberries

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Cutigliano Village of Blueberries is an excellent idea to spend a day

in the romantic Village tasting ice cream with blueberries

It has retained its medieval appearance with documentation dating back

to the year 1000.

Today also a renowned ski resort 1 hour from Florence and an ideal place

for walks trekking moutain bike excursions

Cutigliano Village


How to get there

Cutigliano Village of Blueberries is located in the Pistoia Apennines

Rich in plants that produce blueberries and raspberries line the roads

and woods everywhere

You can taste the specialty ice cream with blueberries in the various ice cream

parlors of the town if you go in the summer

In the center of the village you will find a large river that refreshes the local air

refreshment and oxygen during the last hot summers

Palazzo dei Capitani

Palazzo dei Capitani is located in the center of the town of Cutigliano.

It was built in 1377 to host the Captain of the Mounbtain who came to the

village from Florence to administer the village

Cutigliano Cable way

Cutigliano cable way was built on the border between Tuscany

and Emilia Romagna in 2004 in the tourist area of Doganaccia

Doganaccia is a shìki resort but can also be visited during the summer

period and instead of using the car you can take the cable way