The Balzana: The coat of arms of Lucca


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The Balzana is the drape that indicates the coat of arms of Lucca

and It is one of the oldest Italian civic coats of arms.

Its first appearance dates back to 1182 and consists of:

The crown: The municipality of Lucca is one of the few Italian municipalities regularly registered in the official lists of the Italian nobility.

The title of marquis from here the marquis crown appears as the first image above the coat of arms

It is a truncated one of which the white part at the top and a red at the bottom surrounded by two branches one of oak and one of laurel knotted together by a red and white ribbon
On 6 April 1160 Guelph Marquis of Tuscany following very warm and repeated prayers granted the title of Marquis to all the people of Lucca