The Paper and its Love story with Lucca

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I’ LL tell you about the Paper and its Love Story with Lucca  that began along time ago in 1307. The Guild of Stationers was created in Lucca. The area around Lucca rich in water allowed its expansion

They devoted themselves to the production of parchment paper for writing. It was called  sheep paper because it was produced with the tanned bleather of sheep and goats

Thanks to Vincenzo Busdraghi in the 16th century the first paper mill was born in Lucca

In  the 1600s Biagi Family together with other rich Lucchesi families opened 8 paper mills.

This opens up to commerce and sales development but following the war of “rags” sales have been limited.

Villa Basilica city stands as a town representative of the paper production  in 1800 and thanks to the pharmacist Stefano Franchi who invents the yellow straw paper or the paper for packaging

The sector expands giving rise to a modern production of the paper Industry with Borgo Giannotti district in Lucca as a reference point where the price of raw materials was established ar European level

In 1911 the areas where the paper is produced expand thanks the mechanization and the products change

In 1971 there are 211 paper mills in Lucca producing straw paper but to produce using water became too expensive  so they began the tissue paper producing

Today Lucca is the most important paper district in the world